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Our Building

Our fantastic building that our foundation members and families worked very hard to build and finance now requires some TLC to bring back up to spec.  Our roof has sustained many a tough winter of heavy southerlies and full on rain storms, it is in dire need of replacement.  We are looking for support from our membership and the community to help bring our Centre back to top condition. Can you help?  Please click on the pledge form with details of how you can support the Centre through a financial donation or contact us directly here.  Read on to find out how to have your name recognised on our Donations Board and see our other projects.   

Re roofing the Centre

The roof is over 1,000 square metres, that's a lot of steel! This project is massive, and will cost well over $300,000.  We would like to acknowledge the grant funding from Lotteries Facilities Fund and NZ Chinese Poll Tax Fund in assisting with this project.

roof IMG_4207 a.jpg
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Donations Board

The Board acknowledges doners in the following categories:  

$10,000 plus - PLATINUM

$5,000   - Gold

$2,500   - Silver

$1,000   - Bronze

Renovating the kitchen, painting inside and out.

Both the inside and outside of the building needs a fresh coat of paint, and the kitchen needs all sorts of upgrades so that we can continue to do catering at our sports and cultural events, along with the Ballroom and Line dances through out the year!


Replacing the windows and deck doors on the North face

The original timber windows are warped and a number of the frames are rotten, one of the windows actually blew out during a storm last year!  The timber doors to the deck have warped and don't close properly. 

Resurfacing the gym floor and line marking

Our most valuable, and most well used, asset - the gym floor.  Every 5 years the surface has to be sanded and recoated with polyurethane, another expensive and time consuming project.  

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