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Whats happening this year?


Queens Birthday Tournament 2021

2020 was an (un) forgettable year, so for 2021 we are making up for it with our first local tournament to be held at Queens Birthday this year: 5-7 June. 

This year we are hosting basketball as usual, and have introduced volleyball for the first time.  Basketball will be held at the ASB stadium on Saturday and Sunday, Finals will be at WCSCC on Monday.  Contact Tara if you want to play.

Volleyball will be played on the Saturday and Sunday at WCSCC.  Grades are: open women, open mens, mixed.  

Centre practices commence Sunday 9 May 9.30 am-12 pm at Wellington High. Contact if you want more information.  

Teams need to be entered by Monday 10 May, no exceptions. All players need to be AOC approved before they can play in the tournament.  Contact comms for the required forms.