- Tane Upjohn-Beatson, Composer:

On May 7th it was my pleasure to invite Aaron Lee and the Chinese Cultural Centre dragon dance ensemble to record at Munki studios as part of a score for a short film.

'Jing Ling Master' is an experimental short animation, currently in production with collaborators in both New Zealand and China. The film is a short pitch sequence that is being created with the aim of promoting a feature length film for potential investment. It is an action adventure comedy set in Ling City, an imaginary 1930's era Shanghai-style city populated by mythical creatures.

The score to the short film blends the western orchestra with traditional Chinese instrumentation such as the pipa, erhu, and opera gongs. The dragon dance ensemble's contribution will be featured in a sequence inspired by traditional Chinese opera, where two dragon like creatures perform virtuostically in front of a crowd.

The short animation is scheduled to be completed and ready for viewing in early 2015.

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