Dragon flies to Christchurch

In the last weekend of August 2013 the Dragon Dance Troupe recently had a great opportunity to travel to Christchurch to share our dragon dance and skills with another part of New Zealand. This included parading in Christchurch’s Restart Mall, two special night time performances, and a workshop for the other performers. 

Organised by George Chan, the event was designed to bring together the various dragon and lion dance communities (from Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin), and specifically for us to spread our dragon dance skills and knowledge around New Zealand.

With a new percussion team and one of the dragon-ers on their first performance, there was some fresh blood on this trip. And despite a fair amount of time spent playing Candy Crush, these first timers acquitted themselves exceptionally well.

While I hesitate to ignore the trips to McDonalds, the highlight of the trip definitely had to be the ability to share and learn with our fellow Dragon and Lion dancers. While none of us would consider ourselves experts in our field, it was fascinating to be able to learn from others and get a new perspective on the respective dances. Our dragon was very well received and enjoyed, despite the various (and numerous) tumbles onto the floor when the other centres had a turn in the dragon during the workshop.  

Special thanks to George Chan for hosting us, and for providing the occasion for us to all get together. Hopefully we can organise another similar event for the future.

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