Aims & Objectives


  1. To foster/maintain the ability to communicate in spoken Cantonese.
  2. To develop an appreciation of Chinese identity and values through the medium of the Chinese language.
  3. To establish sources through which the knowledge of Chinese culture and heritage can be maintained.
  4. To continue to foster goodwill, respect and understanding within the community



  1. To create a learning environment for parents and their pre-school age children, to encourage, complement and support Cantonese spoken in the community.
  2. To enable contact amongst Cantonese speaking children.


Yau Yih Yun was established by an eager and active group of parents who wanted to give their children a wider accessability and exposure to the Cantonese language and culture back in 1987. Now in its 24th year, it has grown considerably since its inception and now has a qualified and committed teacher and committee of enthusiastic parents.

A development from the Yau Yih Yun arose as the pre-schoolers became primary schoolers. The WCSCC offers Cantonese classes on Sunday mornings if you have older children.

We look forward to seeing your child at an session or two in the future.

What's New!
Moon Festival Dinner 7 October 2017 -

This years Moon Festival Dinner is on Saturday 7 October at Grand Century Restaurant.  Book your table of 10 for $380 at, As usual, we allow for children at $15 per head (12 years and younger).  

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2010 International Dragon competition -

WCSCC Dragon Dance Troupe’s participation in the World Luminous Dragon Dance Championships – Hong Kong 2010

Eleven teams from 10 countries participated in a competition which included the very best teams from Asia and including one team from Scotland.
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