Centre’s 40th anniversary, Queens birthday weekend (3-5 June 2017)

It’s hard to believe it was just 40 years since the WCSCC was first established and the building we affectionately call “The Centre” was officially opened by Michael Fowler, the then Mayor of Wellington. Photos attached here

It took 5 years to build the fantastic building, and then a number of years to build the ‘heart’ within the Centre.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who spent endless hours creating and building the Centre, and then ongoing fundraising events to pay for the initial mortgage and the subsequent extensions over the years following.  

Over Queens Birthday we celebrated our first 40 years with the Anniversary dinner held at Victoria University, with a number of photo boards show casing events.  The evening was MC’ed by our Cultural Co-ordinator Vince Sue, who welcomed everyone including distinguished guests from other Chinese clubs in Wellington, NZCA and TECO, along with our very esteemed Foundation and Life members.  Many of which still live in Wellington, with a number that came from Auckland and up the Coast.

Malcolm Young, our President gave a wonderful summary of developments over the years, and acknowledged our most recent Life Member: Alec Wong.  Mark Chiu followed with a touching and very special tribute to absent friends of the WCSCC.  Tea towels and shopping bag memorabilia was available to purchase – and still are!.

The evening then opened up with cutting of the obligatory birthday cake, and photos taken of all committee members, and Foundation and Life members.  The floor was cleared to allow both the line and ballroom dancers centre stage for the remainder of the evening.

Basketball games continued through the weekend at Te Rauparaha Arena, Wellington Girls College, Wellington College gyms, and the Centre.  Finals day was on Monday with all games played at the Centre.  Afternoon tea break was taken at 3pm where we showcased the array of activities - our gorgeous young girls with Chinese Dancing performances, the traditional Lion and Dragon dances, along with our Line dancers performing on a few songs.  An amazing afternoon tea was shared with all that attended - new and old members alike.  

So many conversations started with “do you remember when we ….” or “when we first started, the newsletter was printed this way …”, “I’ll never forget the time when we have 3 weekends of weddings to cater for …”  It has been fantastic to hear so many of these stories from our Foundation and Life members, and we know that your descendants will continue to care for, maintain and keep the amazing spirit that we all encompass  with our fabulous ‘Centre’. 

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